Wednesday, November 23, 2016

In defense of socialists

Dear Hannah,

Let's say for a moment, hypothetically, that someone out there had a son and the son hit his head and hitting his head sent him into convulsions; and the going into convulsions sent the man's wife into a panic, and the panic sent her to the hospital, and the hospital sent her to a room.  And let's suppose that the room was empty, and she wondered where the doctor was, and the doctor appeared for five minutes and then disappeared again; and she was given no medicine, and she waited for three hours, and at the end of it all she was sent home without anything more than a recommendation to see another doctor -- and that almost a month later, after receiving absolutely nothing more than a recommendation, she received a bill.  The original charge: $1200.  The cost after insurance: $350.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

In defense of fake news sites

Dear Hannah,

The great value of a page like Shares from your Aunt is it proves what we already knew about the elderly: that they're too old.  Perhaps nobody since the turning of the millennium has pretended to be an aunt so well, and done it so convincingly that our aunts are likely to take the posts seriously.  The author gulps the wildest assertions and conspiracy theories.   He mangles minor facts in ways so embarrassing that he ends up making them important.   He crusades over the stupidest and most irrelevant things.  Each of which comprises the gist of the web page, and the web page comprises the whole idiocy of our aunties.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Why everyone hates Ayn Rand

Dear Hannah,

Perhaps in the history of mankind there has never been so enjoyable a teaching as Objectivism from so unlikeable a teacher as Ayn Rand.  Jesus was so magnetic that He spent His days ruining dinner parties and insulting His followers -- and despite this He was so fun that even the children loved Him.  Joseph Smith was so popular with women that he felt forced to reintroduce polygamy to the Americas.  Mohammed was so interesting that he was illiterate and still ended up with one of the most propagated books in human history.  Ayn Rand's insults stung more than her teachings soothed.  The men who should have been her allies ended up becoming her enemies.