Friday, October 2, 2020

The reactionary Hispanic

 Dear T-,

I was raised to think of myself as Hispanic, but in retrospect, I was trained to worship like a white man.  My mother was from Honduras but she might as well have come from Mayberry.  Back "home," our family history had been difficult.  Lots of great people but even more hard times.  People had been beaten up, tortured, gunned down, and kidnapped.  One of my relatives had been shot in the streets.  Another had been forcefully conscripted into the Honduran army.  At the time fighting the guerillas was desperate, and the government was stealing random teens right off the streets, like kidnappers.  He made it out, but lots of people didn't.   To go to the theater or the billiard hall was to risk your whole life, and parents in the know advised their kids to stay away from them.