Nerds with guns

Dear T-.

My position on breeding is as follows: I'm for it.  Not for everyone, but definitely for me, and ultimately in excess.  I think this is the position most honest and healthy men have at heart; and the idea that everyone should have one wife is a nice idea and a safe idea -- but certainly not a fun idea.  

The problem with polygamy lies in what you'd do with the other men.  You get one Solomon and 999 guys are left horny and angry and jealous -- and what do you do with the majority of your women?  Sure they're all yours; but are they really?  Do you really have the time to sweet-talk and caress all of them enough to make them really love you?  And can you keep enough of an eye on them to bar them from the other 999 horn-dogs?  Too much work if you ask me.

Solomon's solution, like every other horny and selfish Arab, was to lock all the women up, which works if you have enough money to do it.  But even beyond the walls of your palace you've still got the 999 troublemakers.  Angry, pent-up guys; probably at least half of them competent, virile and lonely; with no kids to keep them busy, no wife to bring the bacon to; waking up at the crack of dawn to work -- or worse for you, to not work; to stew in their frustration and hang out in packs and lurk around night clubs.  We wonder why Middle Eastern men have a reputation for gang-raping people.  I wonder if polygamy makes them equally the victims; and if all the dreams they have of blowing themselves up and getting 70 virgins are a direct result not of their Imams, but their oil tycoons and their Sultans.

But this is only speculation.  What isn't speculation is that many men who can't get women are angry.  Not just sad, but pissed off.  Ignoring the injustices of the pashas, imagine being the American who wakes up after millions of years of his ancestors struggling; each of them carrying the life force and passing it on from generation to generation through wars and famines and riots and diseases and tsunamis and earthquakes and anarchy and tyranny and ice ages and black plagues.  Imagine that this life force found a way through all that mess, maybe not happy or fulfilled or satisfied in any way, but somehow passing the torch to the next being -- an act of love or rape or forced marriage but a passing nonetheless.  A victory in the midst of a disaster.  Imagine being this person at the end of this millions-of-years line and then, by some extreme failure of personality or looks, having to forego the one thing that every other living being's been rabid in the act of doing -- in a society extremely drenched in sex.  You're not working the fields but flipping burgers at MacDonalds.  Thus you have all your energy left and almost nowhere, shy of pornography and hookers, left to spend it.  And you don't have any money for good hookers.

In a country like Saudi Arabia, revolution is where you go when your leaders are revolting.  As such I don't fault John Brown or Spartacus.  But I believe radical politics are also where people go when they're worthless.  Not just by my standards, but by theirs.  They have nothing to offer anyone and they know it; and this refusal or inability to develop themselves leads them to blame everything on the rest of us.  The problem isn't with me, it's with you.  It's with "society" or "the system."  Who has the solution to this system?  They do, naturally.   A loser can't do good things to attract good people so he has a "good cause."  The ultra-nerd** has no confidence in himself, but he does in his race, or in socialism, or in the cause of social justice.  The philosophy of a good-for-nothing is most usually plunder.  Sometimes it's outright murder.  The only actual Nazi I know lives with his mom.
Adam Lanza, nerd

Thus when I see many of our mass shooters I know they aren't a problem with guns, or video games, or toxic masculinity, or feminism*, or single parenthood, or medication, or white supremacy, or the antifa, or a failure of evangelism.  They are in part, of course; but I take one look at their pictures and I can smell the Cheeto stains on their fingers.  Of course they have a manifesto.  Mother Nature is wiping them from the gene pool -- and they're rebelling against the mandates of Mother Nature.  They're going to try to take us down with them. This is why they shoot indiscriminately.

So America has guns and it has nerds** and I think it would be safer if we got rid of our nerds before we got rid of the guns.  The looney bin would take care of lots of these losers.  But the existence of misfits is eternal; and if we think we can keep our guns and at the same time, in a country of 300 million people, keep guns away from the misfits, we're all gravely mistaken***.  As such, the only way to save our guns is to tell horror stories about governments.  I propose a whole class, every year of high school, about tyrants and tyranny and atrocities in general.  Put the losers up against Stalin -- and let the children pick the murderers they prefer.


*I'm speaking mostly of men in this essay, but what about radical women?  So far as I can tell, the most rabidly feminist women are swampdonkeys.  Just disgusting individuals.  My theory about them goes as follows.

Most of us know, by this point, that men do most of the hero-stuff for women.  We get the bacon and the woman gets to eat it; and the great struggle of every man's life, if he's lucky, is to have a woman worth bringing the bacon to.  That and going to war for.  Either way, men are far more likely to die on the job.

Well, we know that many women aren't worth it; and that the conventions known as femininity are designed to make women more desirable to men -- something which is completely useless to a misbreed.  So, recognizing her total inability to compete with women, she turned against femininity and asked for the right to compete with men -- something for which, many times, she's equally unqualified***.

The truth is, feminism isn't really that valuable to an attractive woman.  She already benefits from the rules of femininity, and so many of them remain socially conservative.  But, once again, the misbreed fights to be equal with men because she can't ever be equal with women.  She makes herself uglier than necessary because she sees the old beauty rules and she hates them; and if she can look like she's bucking them on purpose she feels like she has control of her ugliness.  Thus a poorly bred man, being too sensible to fight nature, goes out and shoots up a Walmart.  A poorly bred woman leaves Walmart alone, and tries to get rid of the idea of beauty. 

Both of these people are monsters; but the second makes far more of us miserable.
**What do I mean by a nerd?  A person utterly lacking in talent, taste, beauty, and charm.  Not the scrawny man who gets us to space, but the man who can't escape his own mother's basement.

***Despite the fact that The New York Post, after investigation in 86 countries, found we rank 56th in terms of a per capita mass-murder rate, the solution our leftists have given is to get rid of all the guns.  But Neil Degrasse Tyson, of all people, believes we have this all backwards; and noted that "in the past 48 hours, the USA horrifically lost 34 people to mass shootings."  He then went on to note that in any period of 48 hours we lose 500 to incompetent doctors, 300 to the flu, 250 to suicide, and 200 to car accidents; a list of statistics for which he was forced to apologize.

***A misbreed in competition with women wants to get rid of femininity.  When she's up against men she wants to get rid of masculinity.  It has nothing to do with an alleged interest in freedom.  A defense of androgyny and gender bending isn't a moral cause but a tactic.  She can't compete by the rules so she wants to make them illegal.

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  1. Mr. Egerer,

    Why are your recent letters addressed to T? Did you have another child?

    1. Not all these letters are meant for H, so a while ago I started addressing to other people too. They know who they are and almost nobody else does. The essays are good for everybody, but they're not written TO everybody.

  2. Sorry, if you said so in a previous letter, I missed it.

  3. "... if we think ... we've got another thing coming."

    I bring this to your attention only because I've already seen the same construction in the past day or so. Nip it in the bud, I say.

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