For the love of God, stand up for yourselves!

Dear readers,

How do you feel in the third week of black lives mattering?  That is, now that your white friends and fellow churchgoers, parents and coworkers, siblings and grandparents, lovers and spouses, your friendly neighborhood policemen, your founding fathers and saints, your ancestors and your children have all been mercilessly kicked, slandered, threatened, in many cases surrounded and violently beaten -- now that the police who protect you in major cities have been defunded; now that your businesses have been looted; now that Merriam-Webster says it's impossible to be racist to white people; now that you've been called names, made fun of all over Facebook and Twitter, told you're a problem because of your skin color; that you don't deserve what you have; that you're a robber and an oppressor; that you have it easier than millionaire celebrities like Don Lemon and Lebron James; that the future doesn't belong to you; that no matter how many black squares you posted and how much sympathy you showed and how much you marched, you are still never enough -- how do you feel?  

Do you feel like you're on top of the system?  Do you feel like Black Lives Matter is about all races living with equal dignity and freedom?  Do you feel like these leftists can ever love or respect you -- really?  Do you think that at some point you'll ever be clean in their sight?  Not guilty -- for the sins of others?  That you and your children won't be sacrificed at the first chance?  That every step they tread on your rights, your dignity, your very body, isn't a prelude to another? 

This man was defending a statue of Churchill
It's important to remember here that, whatever they say about us, we're being attacked with our own ideals.  Things we got from the Jews and expanded on drastically.  For instance, that all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with unalienable rights.  Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, etc.  Did any country in Africa, which sold blacks into slavery, have any dogma like this?  Did the Arab countries*, or the Chinese?  Did the vastly overrated Native Americans?  No -- we banned slavery in Rome and we did it again in America when the slave markets were still booming in Ghana and Barbary.  Whites did it, in fact, before anybody else.  Whites led the whole world in liberation.  We enslaved blacks and we fought a war against whites to free them.  Niall Ferguson even says, in Empire, that we blockaded black countries to free them*.  We didn't get equality right because nobody ever got it right.  Nobody got it right because were the first to really try it out**.  We oppressed blacks a while and then, taking a good look in the mirror, we turned on ourselves. 

White guilt is a phenomenon that can happen only in a population of kind-hearted, empathy-swallowing, fair-minded self-sacrificers.  Mandela and Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. could only happen in white-dominated countries.  We have no example in the history of the world of any people, so caught up in their own ideals, who have opened their borders just to not be racist, who gave minorities preference in charity and business, who downplayed their own achievements, and beat themselves up for things their ancestors did 200 years ago.  We're the opposite of immoral: we're killing ourselves for our ideals.  Solomon told us be ye not overly righteous.  Why should you kill yourself?  We ignored him and went with be ye perfect -- and we've been carrying our crosses ever since.  I wish we wouldn't. 

The problem with whites isn't that we're too racist.  The reason we hear so much about our racism, beating ourselves up over it, is that we're the least racist.  We fought for freedom of speech because we knew we could mess up and we wanted to be told so.  This, in effect, which no people on the planet fights for more than us, makes us the most humble.  The most gracious.  The most likely to publish our own sins, and the most likely to sweep others' under the rug.  In America, as in much of the Western world, you can say almost anything critical about white people.  But white people have forbidden white people, wrongly, in many cases, from saying critical things about others.  We look ugliest because at bottom we're the most transparent about ourselves, the most self-conscious, the most willing-to-grow race in all history.  Simply put, no other race can keep up with us in confession. 

This is why I make no apologies for being white, or for whites (at least up until a few decades ago) being on top.  Has any other people done better fighting racism?  Has any racially homogeneous nation -- the majority of non-white nations -- even had a chance to?  Can they ever do better and still continue to exist as a nation?  In other words, should they do better?  

I'm not going to slit the wrists of the most innocent flawed people of all time.  I'm not going to light a candle for the world and let others burn down my house with it.  White people have committed many atrocities (try finding a nation which hasn't), and then followed them up with even more ridiculous charities.  If we share the worst aspects and tendencies of humanity we almost alone champion the best.  If we're ever going to have a fair and just society, it will be along the lines that whites have drawn for us -- not along anyone else's**.      

I've been speaking to many good and innocent white people, and the hurt they're feeling, after three weeks of slander and abuse, is deep.  The problem is, they won't say it out loud.  And if you're feeling it, I'm here for you, and I'm standing up for you.  But I need you to stand up for yourselves, too.  I need you to recognize how not alone you are.  How okay it is to be white.  If your hands are clean and people are abusing you, say it -- and if anyone attacks you unfairly, let them have it.  I ask you to take all broad and unfair attacks on white people personally.  Because if you're white you're a person, too.  And so are many of the people you love. 



*Black activists like to refer to themselves as "kings" and "queens," but when pressed about the slave issue, one of their actual kings, King Gezo, who sold upwards of 9,000 slaves a year, said
The slave trade has been the ruling principle of my people. It is the source of their glory and wealth. Their songs celebrate their victories and the mother lulls the child to sleep with notes of triumph over an enemy reduced to slavery. Can I, by signing … a treaty, change the sentiments of a whole people?
Muslims also like to claim human rights for themselves, so I remind you here that over 1.5 million white people were enslaved by Muslims between between 1530 and 1780; and that when John Adams and Thomas Jefferson confronted the ambassador of Tripoli, in London, about some kidnapped Americans, they were told
it was written in the Koran, that all Nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon whoever they could find and to make Slaves of all they could take as prisoners, and that every Mussulman who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.
**I once saw in a movie, regarding ideals, that everyone fails at who they're supposed to be.

I hate to quote The Avengers here or anywhere else, but sometimes wisdom comes from unexpected places, and if you won't pick it up, wherever it came from, that makes you a fool.  I'll take a great line from Lenin if he gives me one.  Hell, I'll even take good lines from children.

P.S.:  There's a lot of fakery and spinelessness going around on the Black Lives Matter issue, so I want to be straight with you.  My main objection to the BLM movement is that I belong to two races.  Neither of these races, white and Hispanic, matter to me in entirety.  I don't even care about all our law-abiding citizens.  If I had Thanos' glove and could snap right now and be rid of all our white trash and trailer chongas I would do it in an instant.  If there's a racial disparity in police shootings I want more white jerks to get shot down, not less black jerks.  I don't go rioting when a white meth-head resists arrest and gets choked to death because, quite frankly, the world is better off without him.  So why would you expect me to beat my chest and throw away the police whenever they kill a black criminal -- a guy like George Floyd, who had meth and fentanyl in his system at the time of his death, who broke into a pregnant woman's house, held a gun to her stomach, and let his buddies ransack the place while she cried and screamed the whole time in terror?  Did you cry and beat your chest for her?  The tragedy is that Floyd was let back on the streets in the first place.  Why should I care when Rayshard Brooks -- the thief and batterer. the false imprisoner, the child abuser, and the domestic beater -- gets caught driving under the influence, fights a police officer, tries to steal the officer's weapon, and the officer shoots him?  Yes I want the police to be held accountable -- for killing great people.  But have any of you -- ANY of you, ever in your lives, ever known a great person who got killed by the police?  Now how many of you have been robbed, stolen from, sexually assaulted, beaten, or otherwise menaced by a criminal?  Just think about it.  

Black Lives Matter is asking us to value black people so much that the worst of them get treated like martyrs.  I'm not going to go along with it.  I'm not going to treat other races better than my own race.  White people are the only people asked to do this, and I'm not interested in doing it.  I'm not going to defend black criminals, who commit over half of the crime, when millions more people are hurt by black criminals than by police officers.  The truth is that at all times, for all people, **only some lives matter**, and if you pick the most criminal ones, you are going to get the worst things.  And you deserve it. 

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  1. Thank you for boldly speaking the truth.

  2. I'm not proud of being white. I'm not ashamed of being white either, nor am I special, nor am I privileged. It's just what I am. I make no apologies, and feel no guilt. One of the most toxic things going on in our country today is tribalism. If people will ever realize that, while they may be a member of an identity group, those groups are made up of individuals. Individuals with different tastes, different opinions, different approaches to life, and thousands of tiny differences that make them individuals. If we can ever realize that, then I think we'll finally have made real progress.

  3. Thanks for writing what so many (of my friends and family) believe but are unwilling to say (either out of supposed decorum/humility or fear). As for Steve Biddle's commement above - tribalism is and always will be. The isssue with tribalism (like all categories) is that we can overly identify with a tribe, or be arbitrarily judged as a monlithic unit by being too perfectly identified with a tribe. Yes, we are all indivdiuals, but there are shared values that help us identify who is "one of us" - e.g. Americans (patriotism), Texans (proud of our rugged independence among the states), Christian, Calvinist, Married...the list goes on. The point of Jeremy using "white" is BECAUSE we are being defined as "white" as opposed to black. It is a literary device that is necessary for the battel we find ourselves in. DAMN GOOD article (btw - it's been a while since I supported you - forgive the oversight. Sent a PayPal today, my brother)

  4. The bottom line, is CULTURE. Some Cultures are better than others. If you don't like the one you have suffered under, you try to escape. If you bring your failed Culture to another place, shame on you, and you should be challenged. But it requires people of courage to do this. The LEFT today will not challenge any Culture. THAT's A PROBLEM we will have to address....failing to do so at our peril. The alligator will eat us all, not just the weakest we all ran away from.

  5. my occasional blog.


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