Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A hasty and general review of Game of Thrones

Dear Hannah,

Since I'm about done with the fourth season, I suppose I owe someone an explanation for having watched Game of Thrones in the first place.  I'd sworn it off for years now, only to prove that I'm not the kind of man who should be swearing anything.  If it wasn't for marriage and business, I wouldn't believe in vows at all. 

Jonathan and David pledged themselves to one another and kept it; but did they need to even pledge it?  The Bible says their souls were "knit together."  On the other hand there's Jepthah -- who vowed that if he won the war, he'd sacrifice the first thing that left his front door.  He ended up killing his own daugher.  Some people Mosaic Law is sexist because women can't make vows without their husband's consent.  And I suppose it is sexist -- towards men.  Women can make ridiculous promises in ecstasy and despair and not be held accountable for them,  A man says something in the heat of the moment and they ruined him for it.  But enough on Biblical vows and feminism.