Harvey Weinstein, martyr pig

Dear Son,

The mountains of sexual harassment allegations piling against Harvey Weinstein have led me to be skeptical -- about the concept of piggish behavior.  There are men who women enjoy fondling them and men women don't; and the behavior of these opposite kinds of men, ninety percent of the time, is almost exactly the same.

The truth is Harvey Weinstein isn't in the dock because he's a pervert but because he happens to be ugly.  The social justice warriors for years now have been telling us that everyone is sexually attractive.  Now that they (and their Hollywood pals) have a chance to stand by it, they're saying some of us belong in jail because we aren't.  You can only really be a pig if women think you look like one.  In terms of behavior, a lover is only a pig you love back.

Social justice warriors have made a lot of moral claims in this area and to my knowledge none of us men have been able to cash in on them.  We haven't because the claims are all fundamentally sexist.  They want every beautiful man to rub against swampdonkeys and want the swampdonkeys to have whoever they want.  Harvey Weinstein would be a martyr like Matthew Shepard or Martin Luther King Jr. if feminists stood by their principles or he was a woman -- but they don't and he isn't, and because these hypocrites know he has a penis they consider him a villain.

What's more remarkable about Harvey Weinstein is he came as a surprise.  Nobody in America has apparently read The Old Testament and heard about rich and powerful men having dozens or even hundreds of wives.  Nobody remembered how the Tarquins lost Rome after raping Lucretia, or that the emperor Tiberius (and a host of emperors after him) enjoyed raping any woman who was innocent and well-bred, or how the Catholic clergy protected a well-to-do rapist in 14th century Florence and helped goad Italy into the Papal Schism, or how England paid exorbitant amounts of money for decades to support King Charles II's habits with hookers.  It's surprising to us that Bill Clinton could have gotten away with raping so many women, or that Jeffrey Epstein was hoarding underage girls on his own private island, or that nobody could have known about Bill Cosby until he was practically about to die of old age.  The main beneficiaries of the sexual revolution were never our proletarian playboys and sluts.  It was the ugly men who were too well-connected to worry about any reprisals.    Our entire history across the entire planet has been rich and ugly men taking advantage of poor and powerless women and nobody expected Harvey.  We thought sexual ethics were invented to enslave all our women.  It turns out the ethics were there to protect them from men.      

 Your father,

PS: A vagina-brain writing for Medium Magazine, in response to the inevitable and almost mechanical terror that sweeps through the business world whenever an ugly alpha male gets taken down, suggested an ingenious solution to sexual harassment.  In short she advises all men in business to treat their fellow professionals like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

What this proves is that, after all the jokes we hear about men being simple and women being too complex to understand, it is women who actually misunderstand men.  Aside from the fact that Dwayne Johnson's original career involved being clotheslined by his coworkers (something which should be legal when a woman literally asks for it in an article), the all-male work environment thrives on a culture of playful abuse.  Men slap one another's butts and tell each other they're ugly.  They'll make fun of you for whining or tell you you work like a bitch.  Practical jokes are common.  Mollycoddling is rare.  They compete and then tell the losers they're losers and everyone has a laugh about it.  The only way a woman could be less comfortable than being treated like a man by the men is if the men started treating her like the women treat women*.  

Besides this The New York Daily News reports that over one fifth of us meet our spouses at work, and these are the ones that get married.  Before this (proceeding from least to most likely) are all the romances that went sour, the one-night-stands, the brief flirtations that lasted a fortnight, the ubiquitous passes that resulted in awkwardness, and the countless feelings we were too cowardly to express.  The natural state between man and woman is attraction.  The mingling of the sexes is the beginning of sex.  To say that all this sex comes out of nowhere; out of no interminable and risky attempts between would-be lovers and heartbroken losers; that behind this one-fifth there was never any danger of failure, of rejection, of the ruining of an environment for one or two or maybe more people, is to pretend that every romance was a sure "yes," which is a complete misunderstanding of the nature of romance.

Nobody who was in love ever thought they owned the other.  Love -- real love; the sleep-ruining, food-foregoing, mind-scattering experience of desire for someone -- is always founded on the idea, whether true or delusional, that they are too good for you and you could lose them.  You get rid of this and what you're left with are people who have sex with the low-hanging possible; an anti-romance more terrible to a real lover than getting fired, or dying.  One-fifth of Americans refused to wave the white flag at the workplace and risked everything and now they are married.  I for one refuse to give them anything other than my approval.        

*There's an old saying that if a woman tells you you're ugly she's jealous.  If a man tells you you're ugly he's angry.  If a kid tells you you're ugly you're ugly.

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  1. Hello,
    I’m glad to read yet another interesting letter. I’m curious though, do you really think unfortunate genetics are the better part of how a man or woman gets be judged a pig?


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