Where's Mohammed when you need him?

Dear M,

I love this country for many reasons, but at some point you have to admit that we're the most disgusting people of all time.  Nowhere in the world, at any point in history, has anybody not only tolerated, not only promoted, but actually defended whatever's ugliest, most backward, and perverted.  

Lil' Nas X, children's singer
Whether you're a drug-fuelled woman-robber, a serial cheater or a professional loafer, a loud-mouthed singer-whore or a mobster, a vagrant and a junkie, an ignoramus who wants to vote but can't find his ID, a 900lb welfare queen demanding to be on Cosmo, an ambulance chaser, a racial supremacist of any brand but white, a professional rapper and a Satanist, a sodomite who teaches sodomy to children, a woman who kills kids and sings about it, or a person who makes paintings of Christ out of shit, America is willing to not only make you a victim, but paint you a hero, many times give you legal protection, and probably give you a Netlfix series.  We're so good at it we've begun taking it to other countries and calling it freedom, and when the other countries don't want it we twist their arms or bomb them -- and call forcing our ways on them "spreading democracy."*  To my knowledge all Assad has done is gas children.  America is in the business of damning them.

When we run out of perverts and screwups to champion we look for criminals.  When we can't blame the criminal for his behavior we blame whites minding their own business, and the law, and the police.  We focus more on the suffering of criminals than on their victims.  We blame everything on race and gender, but not on personal choice.  The media claims to fight racism, but publish all the sins of one race, real or imagined, and downplays or denies the sins of the others.  We say it's freedom to do wrong, but not to stand up for what's historically, beautifully, and globally right.  The right to be disgusting exists but not the right to be disgusted*.  You can give the middle finger to your parents but you can't burn a trans flag.  Other countries do honor killings and we're here bordering on dishonor killings.

This proves that social liberalism, or the right to speak and act and worship, for the most part, as you like, was a lie from the beginning.  There was never a chance that any society could have no rules, first of all, without imploding.  And the vacuum of power it left us, which was supposed to deal freedom to everyone, was filled almost immediately -- by everyone except the virtuous.  When the good men abdicated the throne it was immediately filled by perverts, radicals, robbers, opportunists, snake-oil utopians, and heretics.  There was no other way it could happen**.  Someone had to enforce the lawlessness, and it wasn't going to be the best of us.  

So the degenerates flowed into the schools, into the media, into every avenue of government they found protection, and now they're entrenched, and now they're the law.  If you object to the way they teach your children, they try to take your children away.  If you speak up against them at work, they try to take away your job.  Nowhere is safe from them.  Due to federal overstep, no Texan backwater getaway is beyond their reach.  Incapable of succeeding by their virtues, their modus operandi is lying and cheating.  Because their castles are built on sand they constantly shift positions, and always act the hypocrite.  What they ignore in themselves they prosecute in you.  When they're on the attack they pretend to be on defense.    What's ridiculous today is law tomorrow.  This is the dead end of social liberalism: mandatory social degeneracy.  The slippery slope "fallacy" was actually a prophecy, and the last decade was spent almost entirely in its fulfillment.

This proves that freedom is like anything else: if you believe in it too much you ruin it.  We threw off what we believed to be shackles, and it turned out they weren't shackles.  God had blessed us and given us a straight-jacket, and when we tore it off, we ran wild and scandalized the whole world.  We can only pray that He puts it back on, and that we do it ourselves before we implode and a better people come here and put it on for us.  What we need isn't a Ronald Reagan but a Mohammed***, or a Moses.  The whole of our society is going to have to be cleaned, and I fear Americans at this point don't have the strength or dignity to do it.



*The chief "virtue" of the social liberal is tolerance -- otherwise known as seeing something you hate and shrugging your shoulders.  A useful virtue -- to whoever's about to enslave him.    

**Christendom, a political entity distinguished from Christianity, was destined to fail from the beginning.   Christ Himself said my kingdom is not of this world, but nobody believed Him.  When Christendom got popular it got riches and power.   When it got riches and power it attracted the greedy and the power-hungry.  When the world-seekers climbed on top of the heaven-seekers, the church, and the governments it tangled with, became thoroughly corrupt.  When it became corrupt the heaven-seekers broke away.  But they had too many opinions on how to get to heaven, so they ended up fighting each other too.  

Once Christendom was a free-for-all the killings began, and they went on so violently, neighbor-against-neighbor, and for so long, that people fought to stop fighting.  The principle that every man should read and interpret the Bible for himself and not be persecuted for it became a doctrine in itself.  

This principle of tolerance bled into every other aspect of life.  It started with the biggest things and trickled down into the tiniest.  Social liberalism, or the idea that the best ideas would win over the others by sharing them, became as reverenced as the Gospel, because it was thought to lead people to the Gospel.  But people couldn't figure out the Gospel, and they couldn't figure out social liberalism.  The Gospel said "Christ died for your sins," and sinners thought this was a license for sinning.  Social liberalism said "the best ideas will win," and people took this as the celebration and protection of the worst ideas.  The proof for one was that God forgave everything, and the proof of the other was in man forgiving everything -- except anyone enforcing the best things.  One theoretically kept you out of hell, and the other brought hell to you.     

Thus I say the political entity known as Christendom wasn't killed by atheists or infidels.  It was killed by its own success -- and the final blow was delivered by Protestants.

***The only places that remind you even remotely of Christendom are Islamic. I'm talking places where people still believe in God, and family, and clean living, and Holy War.  Places where it's okay to say "God is great" for nearly any occasion and in any location, and where people have a common code to live by and expect others to live by it,   and where prophets are sacred and not to be lampooned.  Places where men are men, and women are women, and women dress modestly, and take care of their children.  As much as I enjoy seeing women in yoga pants, I would trade it in an instant for the hijab.  Every time we "liberate" a country we destroy it.  

Maybe it sounds here like I'm touting the moral aspect of religion as primary, but the reality is it's only a bonus -- a remote second, at best.  The real value of religion lies in the fact that you believe there's a God who knows you and values you and your neighbors and cares what you do with your life, that fighting means something lasting and worthwhile, that you can be clean in the heart, that everyone can be held accountable to the same rules, that death itself is only an ugly step to something better -- that we as men aren't worms, but caterpillars.  You get rid of religion for atheism -- and I mean any religion -- and maybe you get rid of some ridiculous rules and fights.  But what you find is you didn't break your chains.  You slit your wrists.

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  1. You've laid out some terrible truths there, J. I can only wish it wasn't so.

  2. "The only places that remind you even remotely of Christendom are Islamic."
    I take it you haven't been watching the Nigerian / Iraqi / Pakistani / Somali /Iranian [etc.] episodes of 'When Muslims Meet Christians'.

    They claim to be faithfully copying everything their prophet said and did, so it's a real education.


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