With countrymen like these

Dear Hannah,

Sometimes the whole truth isn't the best policy, and this truth explains the essay you're about to read.  It concerns a girl named Mollie Tibbetts and the fact that she was murdered, most probably at this point, by an illegal alien out of Mexico -- and thus joins a long list of innocents raped, killed, smashed with cars, and otherwise brutalized by our incontestably worst neighbor.  At least that's the story at its shallowest, and the way I prefer the public to think of it for the sake of the public.

The truth -- which will remain here on this page and not be sent to any member of the media, even as embarrassing a rag as the ones I'm usually published in -- is that Mollie Tibbetts, so far from being an innocent, chaste, and lovable damsel, hated the majority of people in this country because they were white.  We have no clue at this point whether she was like so many of us, indoctrinated for a short while in college, only to find she'd been fooled and eventually relapse into some kind of no-holds-barred reactionary conservatism.  We have no idea how seriously she took herself when she said she hated white people on Twitter, and said it because white people vote for Republicans.

All we know is that she said it, and then Christhian Rivera did God's work.  She wasn't one of us, but against us.  She wished us not well, but ill.  She didn't want the people who want the border, Mr. Christhian walked over it, and he killed her.  But this side of the story will be swept under the rug here and hopefully forgotten forever -- except as a reminder to a few of us that the truth isn't always helpful: not that lying is good for a good cause, but that bullshit and ignorance sometimes have to run their course.  The Republicans, and anyone who doesn't want their daughters, wives, and girlfriends thrown into a trunk of some border-jumper and sodomized right into the pearly gates, are rallying around this "amazing young woman" (as described by Mike Pence) -- maybe to no avail, but rallying nonetheless.  The will to live has found its martyr.  The question is, are we willing to ruin her for them?  From me, at least, the answer is no.

This brings to mind another story I saw this week on Vice News. John Georgelas, tech beardo turned senior American officer of ISIS, has a wife named Tania living in Plano, Texas.  She went to Syria to fight for ISIS and came back when she found it was too dangerous for her children.  She joined a Unitarian church and claims America isn't as bad as she thought.

What does she tell her four children, who she was raising to become jihadis?  That their father, who is still fighting for ISIS, loves them but he loves Islam more.  That he's doing what he thinks is right because he's a good guy, but that by some horrible accident he's fighting on the wrong side.  No mention is given about Kayla Mueller, aid worker turned sex slave, or the thousands of Yazidi girls raped and sold and murdered by ISIS, or the fact that ISIS wholly believes in slavery in general, or that entire countries were blown to high heaven, or that millions of children are starving to death, and living in terrible conditions which Democrats blame on an American lack of charity; and that many good Syrians, Libyans, and Iraqis have lost parents and children, brothers and sisters, good friends and lovers in the most horrible ways possible.  She went on a dating site, mentioned her husband was in ISIS, and got a thousand plus suitors.  I remind you this is in Texas.

Ted Cruz, a representative of said state, submitted a bill to keep Americans who join ISIS from retaining American citizenship.  Somehow this wasn't important to Congress, and the bill was shot down.  We celebrate the last of the toothless, ruined Nazis being shipped back to Germany, and can't fathom sending a jihadi back to the Middle East*.  We say we hate white people because of what white people do to brown people, and then mollycoddle brown people known primarily for raping brown people.  Now this woman is back here, with her possible-jihadi kids, probably on welfare, saying she wants to "de-radicalize" ex-terrorists. Which means more radicals coming here after committing countless atrocities overseas, saying "sorry" with absolutely no justice to their victims whatsoever, fitting nicely into a Unitarian church, and voting for open borders.  Who will end up their first victim?  We pray it's nobody; but when it actually is somebody, we pray that it's the Unitarians, and that the dead Unitarians can be used to rally the Republicans**.

Your father,

*It might be said here that the difference between shipping a Nazi back home and shipping an American jihadi is that America, in this case, is the Jihadi's home.  Which means the American has rights.  Thus far he hasn't committed any crimes on American soil.  Thus far, for some god-awful reason, we haven't officially declared war on ISIS, which means he isn't technically an enemy combatant.  Does he have freedom of speech?  Apparently enough to wish a hostile takeover of the entire goddamned country, but not enough to say he's going to kill the president. 

Despite these apparent truths, the USA isn't even the best country for a brown war criminal to come home to.  As mentioned in Vice's story, Sweden is a place where John Georgelas can go to get a new identity, good benefits, and a life at ease.  It's also the rape capital of Europe due to people like John.  To be Swedish doesn't mean to protect Swedish people from non-Swedes.  It means to protect non-Swedish people from Swedes.  I have no idea what kind of country this makes Sweden; but if I had to venture a guess, I'd say that a country that prefers minorities to majorities and foreigners to citizens is filled with traitors.  They look you in the eye and they call you a countryman.  But when they have to make a decision between you and anyone else they'll pick anyone else, and then tell the whole world that they hate you on Twitter.

**There is of course no guarantee that anyone's death will mobilize anybody for any good cause.  Omar Mateen, radicalized Muslim, shot up a gay nightclub, killed 49 people, and mangled just as many.  Republicans were blamed for the Second Amendment.  Not America's horrible immigration policy.  Not the religion of Islam, which is known for anti-gay sentiments and acts of terrorism in general.  He was a "lone wolf" and Americans have to give up our rights so that jihadis can't kill us.  If we can't get sense out of the Pulse Nightclub shooting we can't guarantee sense out of anything.  Tragedies will happen and the public will move -- but in the remains of Western Civilization, where they move is up entirely to God. 

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