Why we love our guns

Dear Hannah,

Black people are almost the only people in the United States with any history of being enslaved, and almost all of them belong to the party working desperately to rush us back into slavery.  It's a masterstroke of irony fit only for fiction.  The one thing every free man's got to have is the one thing they openly wish they hadn't got.

I say this because a free man's really only got one defense, and it's that if you mess with him too much, he might kill you.  Constitutions are paper, as England found out with King James I and King Charles I and King Charles II and King James II -- four kings in a row who believed they had every right to trample Englishmen's rights.  It ended in a Glorious Revolution of an angry rabble and a foreign prince.  Nobody can appeal to a tyrant with anything but a death threat.  Almost nobody can appeal to a riot or a criminal with words.  Our ability to outwar our criminals is our only defense against criminals.  Our ability to match American infantrymen in arms is our only defense against our infantrymen.  Black men complain more than anyone else about the police being brutal, and our blacks are the same people who vote to give the government an extreme advantage in brutality.

It's only fair to have a certain kind of sympathy for black Americans in the Democratic Party.  They live in the worst neighborhoods and, for generations, have experienced the worst violence.  White Americans on the other hand have no excuse for disarming themselves.  White Americans are some of the safest people in the entire world; and they would be safer if it wasn't for the dumbest of white Americans.  They fight to give their guns away without ever having experienced any reason to give away their guns.

White men claim it's about suicide, but keep their tail-pipes and garden hoses.  They claim it's about accidents but then let us all ride cars.  They claim it's about mass-shootings, but never rally against the overwhelming masses of shooters (because the overwhelming masses of shooters aren't white).  A Black Lives Matter activist is almost respectable in comparison, because he's at least got enough balls to go to war for his cause.  The reason white men want to give up their guns is because they're convinced nobody has to go to war.  They're almost convinced that nobody ever has to die in order for others to live.  They believe our guns will bring us death.  Their weakness will be responsible for bringing it to us, and in a much more degrading way than they imagine.

Liberty isn't a feeling, but it always has to begin with one.  It begins with the conviction that you're responsible for yourself and the safety of your family.  It originates in the idea that the only men we ought to fear should be our best men.  A manly spirit of danger, ignoring all the statistics and overriding every media endeavor to tell us otherwise, accepts the fact that violence is either our threat or our future.  A man who refuses danger isn't actually refusing danger, but liberty.  A man who refuses liberty isn't actually refusing liberty, but courting slavery.  A man who refuses adequate weaponry isn't refusing a fight.  He is only refusing his ability to fight adequately.

The arguments from statistics are arguments against our healthiest feelings.  The reason we have guns has nothing to do with statistics.  It has everything to do with our principles and with the eternal inevitability of violence.  And there may come a time when Americans become so lawless that they'll fear their own neighbors even more than their government.  Black America is already largely there, and the government has done nothing (and so long as leftists are in charge, will never be able to do anything) to help them.  But when the time comes for white Americans to fear our government more than our neighbors, to whom will any of us make an appeal? Black Lives Matter is appealing to the majority in their marches.  When the majority is oppressed, whom can we petition?  

Death with dignity is a common slogan amongst the left, but we have yet to see any of them go out in a blaze of glory.  We have yet to see, either from their lewd parades or their stupid protests or their spineless disregard for the value of weaponry whether any of them believe in dignity at all.  A life with dignity is one of the sublimer ironies of our existence.  And that is because a life with dignity can only be purchased at one price, which is a willingness to die for the things you couldn't live without.  One of those things is the principle of liberty.  The other one is our almost immortal love for our families.  What we want isn't the impossible, to get rid of violence itself.  We want the liberty to personally protect our families from violence, and for everyone to know that we're willing to do it.

Your father,


  1. Excellent and very well said and thank you for this article

  2. Black people are "almost" the only people in the United States with any history of being enslaved? How can you start an article like that? Black people were NOT almost the only people in our history of being enslaved. You seem to be missing a lot of ethnicities that were enslaved, including the Anglo Saxon.


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