A note on the Boy Scouts becoming The Scouts

Dear Son,

Real life story: my brother in law says when he was in Boy Scouts, one kid kicked another kid in the butt, and the kid fell off a small cliff.  Another kid waited until everyone was around a campfire and then threw an aerosol can into it.  This is what boys do and I approve of it.  There is absolutely no reason why little boys should be forced to endure the soul-crushing backstabbery that little girls will inevitably put them through.

In fact, the Boy Scouts in part was intended to keep our little men pure from the influences of unnecessary malice, vagina jealousy, and general evil that 90% of little girls represent; and if little girls can't understand that, it's proof enough to me that they ought to be packaged off into Home Ec classes and forced to bake cookies through their teen years.

No boy deserves to be stuck in a group of girls who can't handle his natural, physical, and good-natured brutishness; or to be forced to "play nice" with people who don't know how to play, or what constitutes a good joke. Purgatory comes later -- when half of our poor men marry the less suitable half of the opposite sex, who nag them the rest of their sad, emasculated, domesticated "existences."  To hell with inclusiveness I say -- all glory lies in picking your squad, enjoying your youth, and then if you're lucky picking one woman you can actually live with.  The rest -- this fitting in of girls where only boys belong -- is just hell packaged in the sweet lies of equality and uplift.

Your father,

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  1. Spot on !!! Those little girls (I have 3) are capable of driving a shiv into a boys heart with the malice of a Mayan priestess.


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